Don’t forget to vote for NCR! **UPDATED**

The National Catholic Register (that’s the good NCR) is holding a slim lead in’s Reader’s Choice Awards! Please vote for the Register — it only takes a few seconds, and you can vote once a day.  Thank you!

UPDATE:  It has come to my attention that many faithful Catholics get the National Catholic Reporter mixed up with the National Catholic Register.  For clarity’s sake:  The Register’s bloggers include Mark Shea, Jimmy Aiken, Jen Fulwiler, those Archbold guys, and most importantly, ME.  It’s a good paper, and quite Catholic.

The Reporter?  Opposite!  Opposite!  Opposite!



Okay, NOW go vote.

*Latin:  “short on the stupid”



  1. I can’t tell you how relived I am that you made this distinction. For the past several days, I’ve been walking around with a sort of dull dread in the pit of my stomach, wondering why you would be working for the NCR. It was either a fiendish trick on their part to lure orthodox Catholics into reading their- er- writing, or it was a brilliant plot on your part to Catholic the place up. Change from within and all that.

    Either way, it was only profound devotion to your work that had me click on the link from your blog.
    And see? All my gnashing of teeth was for naught! What a relief! I can now enjoy the “Hitler rails against the Pope” parody without squirming at the spot where he tells everyone who *doesn’t* have a subscription to the NCR to leave the room.

    Thank you!

  2. just a note- Simcha, remember that married priest post thing you wrote? Well- read this

    It isn’t about married priests in the Roman-rite, but Italian bishops basically are going to forbid married Romanian Byzantine priests to minister to Eastern-rite immigrants in Italy. Do you know what happened the last time they forbade us to practice our (legal, 2,000 year old) traditions? Well- the OCA was formed and most of the Byzantine rite believers in the US became Orthodox. We have NOT come a long way in 100 years.

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