Tax Return Tithing

Oh brother, I really am working on a post – I really am.  This morning I have to get my daughter to the dentist so I can show her what I mean by “the tooth is growing in on the wrong side of the spacer.”  You know what that means, right?  So why is the dentist’s assistant so baffled on the phone?  Bah.  Anyway, off we go.

Here is my post today at The Register.  We’ve talked about charities before in “You can’t be any poorer than dead,” when I was reminding folks not to donate to UNICEF.  But this time I got to use the phrase “Pat Buchanan Young Monsters Brigade!”  Okay, I’m not saying it made sense, but it made me giggle.  Come see!



  1. maybe i should have commented on the Register’s site, and this is more of a point of curiosity, but isn’t a tax refund by definition money that is already yours? in other words, it’s not exactly a windfall (as in money that comes from an external source that you have nothing to do with) but more like someone returning money they borrowed from you.

    in our family’s case, i think we wold have already tithed on it, so tithing (or whatever you call it) again, while fine and generous, would be redundant. i think.

    but feel free to tithe money you win from lottery tickets! 😀

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