Adoration isn’t flattery

Good morning!  Today my second post, “Adoration isn’t flattery,”  is up at the Register. While I get used to my new writing schedule, blogging here may be a little spotty, but I have no intention of letting this blog wither away!  Please keep checking back (don’t forget you can subscribe:  see the top right sidebar), and I would love to see you over at the Register, too.

Thanks so much for the congratulations and good wishes!  I was really pleased at the reception my first post got.  This second one is not so angrifying.  It starts like this:

When I was younger, I always felt a little cheesy praising God.

I knew that the proper order of prayer is ACTS: adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, supplication. I always felt fluent in the last three, but adoration was tricky. It was hard to shake the feeling that I was buttering God up in preparation for asking for a favor: “Heyyy, Lord, looking good there. Glorious! I mean, really, just omnipotent today! Love the whole endless goodness thing. With the angels, and the loving sacrifice, and so on. Really grade-A work. So! Um, now that I’m here, I was wondering if you could, um, increase vocations, heal my friend’s cancer, and help me move my couch this weekend … “

Not exactly Psalm material …

Read the rest at the Register.



    • Ha ha – I know. It kind of takes the sting off the rare negative comment I get. They’re all, “You’re wrong! You’re immoral! You’re destroying the Church!” and I’m all, “Yeah, but you’re a talking pepperoni.”

  1. I had never heard of ACTS until I was preparing my oldest for FHC and she had to pass a test that asked what the five types of prayer are (according to the Faith and Life curriculum). I got the impression that acronym was just supposed to describe the types of prayer, not the order. Interesting the things I DIDN”T learn in 12 years of Catholic school.

  2. Just lovely. Simcha (though my mother would insist that I call you Mrs. Fisher since I don’t know you), your piece was inspiring, and it went on to inspire some wonderful comments from readers (I love the “yay for ice cream” one).
    Thank you for saying “yes” to God and putting your obvious gift for writing into His service.

  3. Think of Bartimaeus:

    Jesus, Son of David!

    (Oh, what a suck up. He must want something.)

    Have pity on me!

    (Oh, shut up already!)

    Jesus did not share the voices’ cynicism.

    Can you believe I’ve been thinking of this post for so long?!

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