X-ray Specs

My daughter, exterior view:

and interior view:

That explains a thing or two.

(Thanks to my wonderful sister Abby Tardiff who, for some reason, agreed to spend some of her precious time drawing out the true nature of my little monkey child.  And don’t you wish it were still summer?)


  1. Did you do this with one of those them-there airport scanners?

    What a sweet little girl. She looks like she could be a perfect partner in crime to my little monkey. They’re all really just big people crammed into tiny little bodies and cute, cute faces. Which is why they get away with so much.

  2. I thought it was going to be about the punk band. But that’s on account of just hearing “Oh Bondage Up Yours!” by the X-Ray Spex.

    Never mind me.

    Your girls are ADORABLE, by the way.

  3. Soo cute and funny!

    And no, I do not wish it were still summer. It just ended like last week here in Houston! I was just sitting here in my home, feeling thankful that my feet are cold instead of my armpits sweaty.

  4. She’s precious.

    And my daughter looks the same inside. And no, I don’t wish it was still summer, but I do wish it was still fall. It’s acting like winter and me no likey.

  5. I have been lurking since the pants manifesto, but had to comment today because I have the same thoughts about my precious 2 year old girl. (I am calling her precious because she has been sleeping for 2 1/2 hours, if she were awake I would not call her precious – I would not even be typing.)

  6. Abby Tardiff? You mean like in RI? WOW! She and we go way back some 15 years (not as far back as you, but still…) ~ Now I know why your blog is so cool. P Thanks for the great laughs! I’m a mom of six who recently “quit” homeschooling half my kids, (too).

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