The Search Continues

1,2 button my shoe
pain don’t hurt
don’t sit on god

big fat ladies
moron inside
judy drench
god’s feet with eyes


lori petty
Homer Price

have you ever seen such cruelty
“comments closed”
keanu reeves fat

let god decide how many children we have
the movie dont start till i sit down

awesome van
should i be concerned about my son wearing
turtle joke ah ha

please dont hurt my arse movies
lori petty
pin drop jerk



  1. Who on earth carried out a search on horshack and what does it mean???? So many questions, so few answers. Have a good weekend Simmy.

  2. I am new here and it may take some time for me to crack the code. Is Simcha struggling with the problems with lucidity all around us?

  3. That’s a lot of hits for Horshack! Poor Dame Judy… someone changed her last name.

    Thanks, Simcha. Now I’ll be chanting HORSHACK all day.

  4. Okay, okay, I’ll have mercy: this “poem” is made up entirely of search terms — phrases that people entered into a search engine, and ended up at my blog. I did another one about six weeks ago – if you click on the “poetry” tag, you will see it.

    • Like for a meme, you mean? I was going to do a linky list, but there wasn’t much interest. You have Sitemeter on your blog, which (if I recall) gives you a list of search terms.

  5. Hello, how are you?
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