Drip, drip, drip!

In case you haven’t noticed, I am going on a short blogging diet (not a complete fast, though) for a week or so.  Please don’t leave me!  Please be here when I get back!  I just have to finish up a big project, and my poor brain is overloaded.   Every time I drop in something like “remember to pick up milk,” something else, such as “remember to pick up daughter,” leaks out.

So I figured I could free up a little mental space by stiffing you good folks for a while.  It’s not like you pay me, sheesh!  Last time anybody paid me for anything, it was the U.S. Census, and considering how many hours I trained, and considering how quickly I quit once the actual job started, and how much aggravation I caused poor, earnest Keith, the supervisor — well, that was a sheer, unadulterated waste of taxpayer resources.

Hmm, maybe I do kind of owe you something.  If you pay taxes.  Or if you are Keith.

(image source)

Something did happen, though:  I got my 100th subscriber to this blog!  I wanted to send her a present to show my appreciation.  While I was figuring out what to have silkscreened onto the butt of the celebratory pair of pants, though, I lost a subscriber.  Now I only have 99 again.  So there you go.


  1. There ya go. Back to 100.

    I’ll pass on the silk-screened pants, though. It might start another manifesto event.

    On second thought…that was fun.

  2. If I said i love you and will never leave you, that might sound like a sicko marriage proposal, so I won’t say that, but instead will say, take your time, what you give us is real life, not just pretty packaging.

  3. Then you’d really have to sit down. Don’t stress on the content. It’s enough that you exist. I can content myself with reading cantakerous comments from your InsideCatholic pieces.

  4. I was having that brain leakage problem, to the point where I thought I was suffering from early-onset dementia. And then? I got an IPod Touch. Now all that stuff I was trying to cram into my brain or that was floating around on little scraps of paper all over the house and in my purse is all in one tidy little place. And…ta-da! I can think again! So if you don’t have a smartphone or a Touch, get one. Worth the money, in my book…

  5. Well- if you are into blog traffic, the pants thing works! On my (new) blog, my pants post- inspired by you and also the silliness that is Catholicity (sometimes) resulted in a lot of page views!


  6. Well according to google reader, you have 365 subscribers. You probably have a few more that subscribe through email and other rss feeds. I bet you have close on 500 subscribers.

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