Sorry, I got nothing.

Yesterday, I was less of a person and more of a heap of pulverized bits of exhaustion.  So, while my husband took seriously my explanation that everything was horrible, there was no hope, and nothing was ever going to go well ever again no matter how hard we tried, he also figured out that I should get some sleep.

So he got up with the kids, got them breakfast, made sure they were dressed and brushed and had all their various bags and papers and snacks and permission slips, and did the hour-long drive to school and back.  And I slept.  When he got home, he made coffee and started pumping out the flooding basement.  And I slept.

This is his only day off this week.


  1. And this is why we give thanks for our husbands!

    Seriously–I don’t know how single moms can function…

    I’m glad you got some sleep– I hope next week goes a bit better!

    (And seriously, this is one of the reasons why I think anyone who complains you took the ‘easy’ way out by sending the big kids to school is crazy. Because school comes with its OWN brand of mom-exhaustion and stress. Especially since you CAN’T just declare the day “PBS morning while mommy sleeps in this once!”)

    Thanks again for blogging!

  2. Ha! You certainly don’t got nothing! You’ve got a great guy there, Sim! (And we already know he has a great wife!)
    I hope you get some rest and some dryness in your basement! : )

  3. Simcha,
    I found your blog through Mark Shea & I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying it. As soon as I read your post on sending your kids to school I felt I’d met “a brother from another mother” – except, of course, that we’re women. 🙂 Your writing is amazing & I’m working my way through your archived posts. Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you’re doing. And your husband sounds like a great guy. Get some sleep!

  4. Wow, how much better can a husband tell you he loves you!? This is the kind of stuff we would never have understood when we were silly and 17, is it? But it’s what matters most.

    I broke a glass while washing the dishes recently and I started to cry (tired, oh so tired). My husband came in, quietly led me to the couch and a book, and finished the dishes himself. Much better than a dozen roses, any day.

    Sigh. Thanks to God for good husbands!

  5. Hey, this isn’t funny. I demand a refund.

    Oh, and Mr. Simcha, thanks a lot for making the rest of us look bad.

    (I hope everybody knows I’m kidding. Have a restful weekend!)

  6. Exhaustion has a tendency to make you feel like the world is going to end in seconds if one more thing goes awry. And a flooding basement? Good golly.

    I’m so glad you have a husband that knows how to keep the world from ending with directives for you to sleep while he takes care of business for a little while! My husband does that to me too and I’m so grateful for the sanity checks.

    Hope things look better with some rest (and that you get more rest soon, because let’s face it: can you ever get enough?)

  7. Sleep is a wonderful thing when you get it huh? 🙂 Your hubby sounds like a great guy. I pray you feel like a new woman someday very soon!

    @Deirdre I agree that sending some to school is NOT the easy way out. I’ve been homeschooling for 17 years, had 3 in school when we started and as of last year have 1 in school and 5 at home (4 are grown). Home is easier for me!

  8. Sorry you are so tired! I was there with you yesterday, but only had Ethan at home with me so could just lie down and not do anything! But what a sweet husband. Sorry about the flooding basement-hoping it doesn’t happen to us today!

  9. My blog post yesterday was uninterestingly about coffee. So I can totally relate. All I heard through the white noise buzzing in my head was mumbling voices of my spouse and others telling how it was so unlike me to be so crabby. I would say, I’m sorry, I’m so tired. But I still heard it coming and going. Next time I’m that tired, I’m strapping a a complaint box to my rear end so everyone can know where to stuff it. I’m feeling better today, thanks for asking. My spouse also did the am routine with the kiddos. So that helped. Get some sleep. Press on. (As in coffee press …)

  10. What a great husband! And, yeah sleep! Yes, sending kids to school has its own downs. 3:00 onward is homework and dinner time and that’s pretty much it. I know that if I try to fit anything else in, it’s too stressful. Then there’s the mountains of paperwork at the beginning of the year, and the covering of books. Not to mention all the fundraisers since my kids are going to catholic school. Sending kids to school takes just as much time and effort as homeschooling them!

  11. I’d like to mention the fiances who know what you need is dinner out. Frankly, all people who take care of their significant others Rock-with-a-capital-R!

    (and I can’t wait until I can brag about my husband instead of my fiance)

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