Perfectly normal.

If I could go back in time, I’d tell new-mother self that this
is perfectly normal.  The mirror-writing stuff, I mean (and actually it makes perfect sense in this context, since the two guys are clearly zapping in opposite directions).  So, young mothers, don’t freak out — it doesn’t mean your child is dyslexic, autistic, schizophrenic, or has his heart on the wrong side of his body.  All of my kids did mirror-writing when they first started writing, and now they all . . . well, that is to say, some of them still write like non-hominids recovering from recent thumb surgery, but they do all write forwards.
This, on the other hand, is not normal:
Yes, that is a gun-wielding butt you see before you.
Or if it is, I wish I knew how to make it stop.


    • Well, my three oldest daughters did ponies and princesses; then the two boys did guns and sharks and dinosaurs. I have three more daughters, younger than the boys. The oldest one draws mommies and daddies and babies and flowers . . . running away from guns and sharks and dinosaurs.

  1. Ha, a butt with a gun…priceless.

    My boy draws pirates with legs and heads but no bodies…they still manage to sword fight despite their disadvantages. I like the can-do attitude.

    I love the tracing handwriting exercises, where they make a million 2’s on top of shadow 2’s, and then they’re supposed to get it and do it on their own…the first one my son makes on his own is backwards, invariably.

  2. I once had to tell my 4 year old boy, after noticing the gun noises coming from under the pew, that ‘We DO NOT shot people at church!’

  3. My oldest is an aspiring comic book writer who’s first foray was to create a robotic cat that constantly does battle with ‘fart bubbles.’ I’ve tried to persuade him to use something a little less obvious (stink bubbles maybe?), but I have no comeback when he argues that fart bubbles is both funnier and more descriptive.

    His second foray has been ‘tree man.’ No, this is not an Ent from middle-earth, it is an axe wielding super lumberjack hero who likes violently chopping up monsters and bad guys (and occasionally mistakenly chopping up friends and self). The double whammy is that he told me the inspiration for tree man came to him during his Catechism class…not what I was hoping for when we enrolled him.

  4. I’m actually more concerned that they’re having a gun battle while floating on ice cubes next to (inside) a mountain. Shouldn’t they be more concerned about finding solid land?

  5. My brother did mirror writing – he is left handed. It didn’t last long and he has nice writing now.
    My youngest son also made a lot of gun pictures – he is now a corporal in the army and served with distinction (he saved another soldier’s life) in Afghanistan.

  6. Nice. It’s good to know mine aren’t the only slightly demented children out there.

    Oh, and @ CupCake and your superior ‘my girls draw ponies’ bit- just wait until you have a boy or two. The boy/gun/sword/killing everything virus that they will spread throughout your home will leave no pony untouched. Like Simcha said, they’ll still draw ponies, but they’ll be running from guns. And if the would-be pony drawers happen to be younger than the gun-toting boys, it’s a good chance that they will, of their own accord, due to the boy virus, draw ponies with fashionable pink guns all on their own. It’s a whole dynamic, I’m telling you.

      • I know. Mine was a joke as well. Should’ve added the 😉 as I forget people can’t actually hear my sarcasm.

        One of my daughters thinks she invented a new creature. Have yours drawn a ‘pegacorn’ yet? Pegasus/unicorn cross, because who can choose? And, really, it DOES take all the giltter and glitter glue in the house to do them justice, apparently.

        By the by- I looooove my 3 boys, but do have to look a little with envy at my friends with all girls. Tea parties, quiet playtime with stuffed animals, and no broken lamps! I could put my Calgon away, I think!

  7. Hold on to the butt with a gun. It will make you laugh one of these days. When my 15 year old was in kindergarten he drew a picture of Abraham sacrificing Isaac complete with huge grins on Abraham and Isaac’s faces, and knife wielding stabbing motions. I was horrified at first, now it makes me giggle.

  8. Yes, apparently the Runaway Tushy has gone astray from his merry life in the forest. My oldest daughter’s second grade teacher recommended having her form letters and numbers out of play dough to help her remember which way to make them face. Seems like a good idea. I didn’t bother to have her do this more than once or so, but the problem straightened itself out on its own.

    • Took me several kids to learn that the way to teach them to draw the letters and numbers the right way is to teach which ones go away from your left hand (works only for right-handed kids!) and which ones go towards. I teach my kids that all the numbers go away except the ones that start like letters (8 starts like an S; 9 starts like a small a; 6 starts like a capital G).

      • I’m actually confused now, Abby. I think I may have forgotten which ones go which way now.

        I think my kids would scream if I tried to teach them that.

        Have you ever seen the (I think really cool) trick of using your fingers to do the multiples of 9? You lay your hands flat on a table, and turn under the finger you’re multiplying by 9, like if it’s 9×3, you tuck under your third finger (middle finger on left hand). You now have, between the ‘gap’ left by your third finger, 2 and 7. I thought it was terribly clever, but NONE of my kids got it- there may have been tears. I’ve since given up on cutsie things like that- they only cause acute pain and frustration.

        Again- 😉

  9. My girls draw the usual girl stuff. The boy just started drawing people, you know, the circle with four extended ovals for arms and legs. Except all, and I mean all, of his people have three legs. And you know what the middle leg is, right?

  10. All girls…get lots of hearts and flowers. Although just for fun, my oldest drew an cow wielding an axe and a mace last winter.

    As for the mirror writing, I believe the ancient Greeks and Romans used to mirror right as a matter of course. I could be wrong.

  11. A few years ago, we were a pretty firmly ‘no gun’ household so I was kind of surprised to see an epic battle drawn on the easel one day. On further examination, the weapons in question were quite well rendered copies of the manual breast pump that our local hospital gives out (along with jars of formula) when you leave.
    They had every detail, right down to the varying sizes of ‘the barrel’ (cup around your nipple), the tubes which they connected to ammo belts and the lemon yellow color of the gun. For boys with no vocabulary for this stuff, they had it down.
    I’ve since relaxed a bit on the ‘no gun’ policy. I still wont buy them (except squirt guns) but they can pretty much make most things into weapons anyway.
    I don’t care what feminism tells us, God made ’em that way.

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