Nose newts

Hey, is anyone actually going to participate in the feebly-advertised link carnival for search term poems?  I was going to have it tomorrow, but I’ll just skip it if you’d rather.  Anyone?

Also, I wrote something silly (no, really!) and just posted it at both The Anchoress and The Inside Blog.  In the words of Gnarls Barkley, “Would it be so hard for you to come and visit me here?”



  1. I will! I will! Kind of. I’ve got a bunch of the funniest (to me) search terms sitting in a Word file on my desktop– I started the file long before you announced your link carnival. (My husband hates it that I leave Word open 24/7.) But I haven’t got around to arranging them into a poem. If inspiration doesn’t strike soon, I will still publish them anyway and call it bad poetry, which it would be anyway, I guess.

    • Karen, I accidentally linked to the blog in general, instead of my specific post. But I think I can answer your question: I have heard that the priest didn’t like the program because it gives kids the impression that all adults are dangerous and scary, and he believes that it provides so much information as to destroy the innocence of very young children. I really don’t know more about the story than that.

      My post was the one about gap teeth:

    • Karen,

      Our former pastor is the other priest in the Archdiocese (not mentioned in the article) who objects to the program. The primary objections of these priests and of the many parents who have protested the progrm are:

      — that parental authority, as outlined in Church teaching and canon law, was being usurped;

      — that the program’s contents violates children’s innocence;

      — that there were secular, worldly principles being fostered in the program that were inimical to their own Catholic principles; and

      — that the curriculum placed their children as the first line of defense for the archdiocese against legal liability

      Here’s an article my husband wrote at the time the protests against the program began:

      The Catholic Medical Association has also objected to this program and others like it:

      I’ve got bunches and bunches of links to articles about the program if you want to know more, just let me know.

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