Betty Butterfield

I don’t think Betty Butterfield is an acquired taste — I think you either find her funny right away, or just turn away in disgust and bafflement, and that’s that.  Since Betty doesn’t explain herself, I won’t, either, but here are a few of my favorite clips.  (These are not for kids!!)

Betty does a whole series on visiting churches, and I think the Catholics come out looking the best.  Here she is on her visit to St. Assisi Francentine:

Visiting a Unitarian Church:

I guess I just feel on the inside the way Betty looks, talks, and thinks, and getting older just means learning to hide my Inner Betty better.  Oh, lord . . .



  1. Love Betty’s take on Unitarians. My grandmother was one. Visiting her church as a kid was a trip – it looked like a normal Protestant church, they sang typical Protestant hymns, but then the sermon would start. The whole Messiah/Son of God thing was a big misunderstanding- Jesus just wanted to teach us about love and peace. If you get a chance, say a prayer for my grandmother’s soul.

  2. Kidnapped by the mormons and the lexipro episode are two of my favorites. My husband and I are both pretty sure we’re turning into Betty Butterfield. We’re just waiting to see who goes all the way first.

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