Where the hell is the mail?

Oh.  Sorry, never mind.

My husband’s new job is working out quite well, thanks.  He even actually has the day off today!  (Of course he’s not being paid for it, which means he worked his behind off last week to make up for the lost hours.)

Anyway, we’re not accustomed to this sort of thing, so I got all mixed up about posting, not posting, posting something appropriate, wondering what would be appropriately proletarian for Labor Day, wondering if I just used the word “proletarian” right, and so on.  I wrote something for today, but then it was kind of stupid.  So I’ll just post it tomorrow.  It’ll be a new feature:  “Stupid Tuesdays.”

In the mean time, in honor of this confusing holiday, I have reached new extremes of laziness and posted something on The Anchoress which is a cross-posted repost of something I posted here last week.  If I keep up this way, eventually I won’t be writing anything at all, but just posting an endless loop of links.

[Here you will just have to imagine a photograph of a snake eating itself, which WordPress will not let me post, for some reason, probably in honor of Labor Day.  Communists.  I call it a poor excuse for picking a man’s pockets every 6th of September!  Well, it was kind of a disgusting picture anyway.]


  1. I used to get Labor Day and Arbor Day mixed up. They sound sort of alike, right?

    Seriously, this is an important day. Organized labor (Jimmy Hoffa jokes aside) saved people from working 12 hours a day in unspeakable conditions. I know it has its faults, but the robber baron days were no picnic, either.

  2. Since labor day (in my day) was always before school started, no one ever taught me what we were celebrating, so I assumed we were celebrating work by taking a day off work, which struck me as deliciously ironic.

  3. This is off topic, but what is that thing in the icon? You know the one sitting in the chair in the top right hand corner of the page?

    It has me mystified.

  4. It wasn’t until I married a Marxist historian (my favorite kind!) that I learned the importance of Labor Day as a means of deradicalizing the labor movement. Labor Day became the state-approved alternative to May Day, aka International Workers’ Day, that was created by workers in wake of the bloody Haymarket Affair. (In the 1950s, the Catholic Church named May 1st as feast of St. Joseph the Worker, an interesting twist on May Day.) None of this is to be confused with International Women’s Day, which is March 8th. I spent two spring semesters in Rome and was impressed with the attention paid to all women on this day with flowers and small gifts. Of course I understood this was all vaguely socialistic, but I enjoyed the idea that you didn’t have to be someone’s valentine or mother to get flowers and gifts! Even some of the American men I studied with appreciated the novelty of the day and gave us daffodils.

  5. Karen and Tres,
    What? Do you ladies not have ancient fertility goddess statues on your prayer tables at home? They’re a must-have for anyone aspiring to have a large family.

    I keep mine dressed in some Barbie clothes, however, for the sake of my teenage son.

  6. Now that makes sense. Fertility goddess – how could I have missed that?! Out west where we are we have a Kokopelli thingy. I suppose you call it a god. She’s doesn’t require Barbie clothing though, she’s flat. 😉

  7. Ok, I know I’m a week late here but I don’t own a computer so I can only surf at work on occasion…& now everyone else is eyeing me bc I started laughing so hard after I landed on your site that i started crying. I think it started with the “gap in teeth” post & then went on to the “tushy” post by your nephew & then your suggestion that I double-comment and finally this Labor Day post put me under my desk.
    What do I owe you for making my day?

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