Where’s Mama? Where’s Mama?

There she is!  Oh, um, sorry, I mean, please come see me in two other places today.

Such a day!  I have a piece up at Faith and Family Livean interview with Kathy Rivet, who has been teaching Creighton Model NFP for over 30 years. Kathy has also been my instructor for about eight years, so I can personally attest to the fact that she is a woman of supernatural patience and fortitude.  Come check out what she has to say about the changes she’s seen in the world of NFP.

And today The Anchoress is going to Rome, and I’m not jealous at all, do you hear me?  She has very generously invited me, Danielle Bean, and Sally Thomas to write guest posts while she’s gone.  So come on over and see the video of Dolly Parton that I found!

How should I do this?  Should I post the same thing here and there?  Or should I just leave a note here to remind you to see me there?  What should I do?  Where did I put my coffee?  What’s that smell?  You thought it was okay to just step over this mess and keep on walking? And with a track record like this, you think I’m going to get you a dog???

Sorry, I forgot who I was talking to again.  Nooo, I wouldn’t rather be in Rome….


  1. Great post!
    1. The clothes are gonna give me nightmares.
    2. Haunting tune. Will be singing it today.
    3. Fits the name “Justine” really nicely. Will be singing it to Justine all day today.

  2. “Nooo, I wouldn’t rather be in Rome…”

    Every time I feel like this, isolated, marginal and provincial, I remember there’s a mathematical proof called “Caesar’s Last Breath,” which purports to demonstrate that we all have at least one atom of Caesar’s last breath in our bodies. So, no matter where we live, we also have atoms of Jesus’ breath in our bodies.


    Does that help?

  3. Love the interview! We’re just starting NFP at the advanced old age of 40 (dang being Protestant for so many years!) and it was an encouraging read. Thanks.

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