That poem

Dear everyone,
Well, I did it again.  I thought the joke was really obvious, but it turns out that it was just me being a big weirdo again.  I hope no one was offended, disgusted, or, you know, weirded out.  The poem in this morning’s post was made up of search terms for my blog.  Each line was an exact quote of a phrase that someone entered into a search engine, and then ended up at my blog.
“Hallie Lord the jerk,” for instance, is not a statement of opinion — it’s just a sad statement that Hallie Lord is now inextricably linked (at least as far as Google is concerned) with people like me.
Sorry!  Are we all still friends?


  1. UH. I read this in my email this morning and hadn’t had a chance to click through yet, but I TOTALLY TOTALLY got it and I was going to click over later today and say I think it is BRILLIANCE.

    I have had some interesting Google searches too (“buried treasure poop blog” anyone?) so I thought your poem was hysterical.

  2. Thanks for the explanation. I kinda got it. When I saw your “muse,” I thought I really got it. Drinking and blogging should never mix, but then again… I never was good at all that poetry stuff.
    I didn’t know there was a tool for finding out how people arrived at your blog. THAT’s cool!!

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