Mommy Russia Dearest

That title doesn’t make any sense, but at least it doesn’t have a typo, which my  original entry on Inside Catholic did (yeah yeah, I fixed it).  Check it out, and thanks to always-alert Sarah Breisch for the idea.

Seriously:  is this any way to say “good morning,” even in Russian?


    • Ohhh, 99% of the readers there are bright and humorous, but there’s always that 1% who see everything as an affront to decency. I was just kidding about the “blinis,” though.

  1. While transferring in Times Square every morning I used to read this poem, which is still there:

    So tired
    If late
    Get fired
    Why bother?
    Why the pain?
    Just go home
    Do it again

  2. I worked last year in Moscow and am returning in September and Russia can certainly be quite cold – and if I had to live in that without an umbrella in fall I’d certainly feel pretty wretched, but why anyone would be offended at the wonderfulness that are blini is beyond me. 🙂 As for Anna Karenina, I don’t think they have a Tolstoy station – they have ones for Pushkin and Chekhov and a few other writers, but since Tolstoy viewed the train as a symbol for the evil of progress, not holding my breath. A friend of mine took photos this summer of this station and I think it’s quite beautiful – especially compared to the rather plain wood carvings in my station. 🙂

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