“I’m not a homosexual. I’m a man.”

Come on over and see me at Faith and Family today (for real this time!), where I have a short interview with a young, gay, faithful Catholic man.  You’ll like him — he’s so clean and articulate!  But something tells me Joe Biden would not be impressed.

And hello and welcome to Faith and Family and Creative Minority Report readers.  Stick around for tomorrow, when we will  . . . okay, I have no idea what we will be doing tomorrow.  The Jerk, who usually reviews movies on Thursdays, is taking a few days off.  I think he found himself singing along with Pat Benetar during the big climax in The Legend of Billy Jean,

and is going on a retreat to reassess his life goals.   But he will be back!

Vaya con Dios, The Jerk.



  1. I just read the interview — excellent! What an important topic. Thanks so much for helping us be more aware, and giving us a chance to hear from this astute Catholic man who has done a lot of important soul-searching.

  2. Ms Fisher–

    there is no such thing as “homo-sexuality” though there is same sex attraction on the one hand and homo-erotic actions on the other

    sexuality is a type of biological reproduction (asexual being the other)

    since that is what sexuality IS then the sexual orientation is determined by the type of sexual faculty received –no intra-psychic experience of libidinal desire can override that–any more than the intra-psychic experience of an anorexic that “food/eating is bad” means he/she, doesn’t need nourishment the same as any other organism

    it is very important that Catholics speak about this matter with precision–

    I would be glad to discuss the matter further–

    p.s. my mother in law and your parents are co-parishioners as st joseph’s in claremont

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