My Two Sons

I was shopping with my eight-year-old son, and the checkout lane was the usual gauntlet of trashy magazines.  I was about say my usual warning line, which is, “Do yourself a favor and don’t look at that garbage,” when I heard him GASP.

“Look!”  he said, “–Kittens!”

Sure enough, it was a picture of kittens:

I love that kid.

I also love my other, 6-year-old son, of course, but he would not have focused on the kittens.  He’s more this kind of guy:

Anyone have a nice six-year-old daughter who goes for the handsy type?  I’d like to arrange a marriage now.



  1. I have a lovely 6 year old daughter but for a couple years she has been saying she’ll never marry and will adopt if she wants children. In the last few weeks though she’s started to say that she might marry but will live apart from her husband and just meet once a week for a date. Not sure if that would really work for your son… 🙂

  2. I have a nice 10-year-old daughter who appreciates physical comedy and has a black belt in tae kwon do. Not sure that helps.

    I so hate Disney anymore. At least in that photo Miss Hudgens is mostly clothed. For a change.

  3. I think my six-year-old daughter would get along famously with your son. She LOVES to sit on anyone’s lap, especially if she can’t get a place on mine (and then she looks at me out of the corner of her eye to make sure I notice how she’s getting on in life).

    She also really likes to have conversation at about two inches distance from the face of her fellow conversant.

  4. Well, my six-year-old is a son too, not a daughter; but just in case, I want to know if you get more than one offer. I think they would go for the same kind of girl! 🙂

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