The Difference Between Men and Women, Vol. 1

(picture source)

(and may I add that the difference between this guy and most other guys is that his tush is in front)


(A true story — not about me, though.)

Woman:  Hey, our 20th anniversary is coming up, and we have a little extra money.  I was thinking it would be really practical, and kind of romantic at the same time, if we went out together and got replacements for all our old-worn out wedding gifts!  You know, all the pots and pans and towels and sheets and everything that people gave us?  We could really use new ones, and wouldn’t that be kind of romantic?

Man:  Or we could get a motorcycle.


  1. Hmmm. . . I think the woman had a good idea, but I wouldn’t really call it romantic!

    I’d say the motorcycle is more romantic. Except for the death wish. . .

  2. am I always going to have the one eyed tv looking thing eating spaghetti (or power cords) when I comment?

  3. Rosemary, I THINK that if you go to

    you can make a profile for yourself, including uploading your own picture to substitute for the monster. It’s a little hard for me to tell how the blog looks “from the outside,” though. For instance, I only just today realized that there are ads at the end of each post! I’m really starting to catch on to why this is a free service.

    • I don’t see the ads. I don’t mind the tv monster – I think these little freaks ensure the commenters don’t take themselves too seriously.

  4. Reminds me of a classified ad that went viral a year or so ago. It was for a (very fast) motorcycle and concluded with, “Purchased without proper consent of a loving wife. Apparently ‘do whatever the ____ you want’ doesn’t mean what I thought.”

  5. As a huge fan of “King of the Hill”, one of the best episodes was one where Hank and Peggy to go marriage counseling and tell the marriage counselor that their retirement savings is going for his and her motorcycles to tour the country with and currently they have half the money (enough for one bike). The counselor tells them to go ahead and get one bike and take a trip on it. Of course there is conflict and hilarity that ensues when they go to Sturgis, but I always bring that episode up if I suggest we buy something we can use together and HE suggests we buy separate things.

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