Speaking of toilets

Welcome, Conversion Diary readers!  I’m so glad you stopped by, and I hope you stick around.

I must warn you that things here are a little different from what you may have become accustomed to at Jen’s site.  I have almost no control over the appearance of my poor patchy little blog, for one thing.  I’m serious, I can’t even find my cursor right now.  At her site, on the other hand, you will see a striking, cohesive  design, thoughful, elegantly-phrased but sincere ruminations on the faith, and the occasional photo of a scorpion that drowned in her toilet.

None of that here, my friends.  My toilet would clamp its lid down in shame if a camera came anywhere near it; and we don’t have scorpions, anyway.  One of the blessings of living in New Hampshire is that everything really disgusting and bitey dies once a year.

I forget what I was talking about.  Oh, I was going to show you this picture!

Nice, eh?  This is pretty much what happened when my future husband started talking about getting married.  Not that obliging elephant, I mean–  it’s that, as soon as someone starts paying me some attention, I try and convince them that they’re making a horrible mistake, and should run and run as fast as they can.

Well, we’ve been married for almost 13 years now, and it turned out that it’s going really well.  Men just don’t listen.



  1. Hysterical!! So glad Jen sent us C.D. readers over for a visit…I will look forward to keeping up with your posts as well…

  2. No we don’t. My wife did the same thing: the fact we don’t listen is the only reason (with a little help from my friends) that I’m still married (or even got married). Not listening is our shtick and it works pretty well, so we have no plans to change the official handbook for guys, sorry.
    For all the listening skills women say they want, the only ones who succeed in sticking with you have perfected the art of selective hearing. That’s what my grandfathers taught me and I’m sticking to it. It’s all about tone-sensitivity: when it actually matters, you can hear a difference, when it doesn’t you just zone out and check out your wife 😉
    For some reason they take that as a compliment (that you still get distracted by their goodly phenomenalism) and take it as a good thing, rather than the way you used to take it when we checked you out. I don’t understand how men and women get together or get along, given that odd duality. You gals are mysterious creatures… don’t stop (it keeps things interesting), but still you are a perplexing side of the coin.

    BTW, I like the elephant.

  3. I am so happy to see that you are back to blogging! I am also relieved to know that I was not the only person to read the scorpion story on Jen’s blog and think, “I could never in a million years post a picture of my toilets.” At this point, even a deep clean can’t make them look good.

  4. Hi, Simcha! I’m just over from Jen’s blog. I have a close friend who, up until recently, visited Israel once or twice a year. She’s a Pentecostal who is just this side of converting to Judaism. I keep trying (as a Catholic convert myself, with no Jewish heritage) to convince her that if she becomes Catholic, she gets the whole package! Once her crashed computer is up and running again, I’m sending her a link to your blog. Love it!!!

    P.S. – Is the “Simcha” as in “Simcha Torah”?

  5. I’m a frequent lurker at CD. Your blog looks fun!
    I also tried to convince my husband that I’d ruin his life, but he married me anyway. Almost 13 years now, but only 7 children. 😉

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